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Mission Statement

The Fire Prevention Bureau will serve the citizens, businesses, and firefighters of Big Walnut Joint Fire District by assisting in the prevention of fires and injuries through comprehensive inspection, investigation, and public education programs.


Residential fire prevention activities are still free of charge.

To schedule an inspection, contact Captain Rocki Huddleston at (419) 253-2222


Fire Safety Inspections

BWJFD employs three Ohio Certified Fire Safety Inspectors. Their main job is to advise and assist businesses in following State of Ohio fire codes in the district. The Fire Safety Inspectors inspect all of the businesses at least once a year to ensure a safe work environment as well as comply with the State fire codes. If and when violations are found, the owner/occupant is given notice to correct the items and are given an appropriate amount of time to make the changed to obtain compliance.

Our goal is to work with the businesses to insure their continued success by minimizing any losses through loss control and fire and emergency prevention.

Home inspections are also available upon request. Fire Safety Inspectors will notify you of any possible hazards and assist you with corrective actions.

To schedule a business or home fire inspection, call us at the Marengo Fire Station at (419) 253-2222 and leave a message with your name, phone number and address.

ODJFS Foster Home Fire Inspections

BWJFD can perform ODJFS foster home fire inspections. However, prior to contacting BWJFD, please ensure the following:

1. You have prepared your home for the inspection, following ORC 5101:2-9-08.

2. You have obtained the JFS 01200 form. Copies are not acceptable.

3. You are present for the inspection.

The fire safety inspector reserves the right to determine if the home is free of fire safety issues. Some common issues found are:

a. Uncovered electrical outlets.

b. Unapproved extension cord use.

c. Unsafe chemicals stored in open areas.

4. Uncharged/expired fire extinguishers.

The following excerpt of the Ohio Revised Code pertains to foster home fire safety inspections:

Ohio Revised Code 5101:2-9-08 Fire safety.

(A) A residential facility shall secure a JFS 01200 “Fire Inspection Report Child Care Facilities Licensed/Certified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services” (rev. 10/2000) fire safety approval or other form used for a local or state fire inspection in each of the following instances:

(1) Within ninety calendar days prior to initial certification.

(2) At the time of any major modification or alteration of any existing structure, unless the structure will no longer be in use and is inaccessible to children.

(3) Not more than twelve months following the date of the previous inspection.

(B) A residential facility shall not be certified without an approved fire safety inspection obtained pursuant to paragraph (A) of this rule.

(C) All fire safety approvals shall be secured from the state fire marshal or from a township or municipal fire department which has personnel certified to inspect and approve the fire and building code use group applicable to the residential facility.

(D) Each residential facility shall have smoke detectors located according to instructions of the local fire safety inspector or state fire marshal.

(E) Each smoke detector located in a residential facility shall be tested at least twice annually at regularly spaced intervals. Such testing shall be documented in a log which indicates the date of the test, the results, and action taken if the result of the test indicated that the smoke detector was inoperable or malfunctioning. If the facility has a combined smoke detector and fire alarm system a fire alarm inspection shall be conducted by a company approved to test such equipment at least twice annually at regularly spaced intervals unless approved by local or state fire inspector. The facility shall obtain annual alarm system testing and shall have documentation of testing.

(F) Each residential facility shall have fire extinguishers in specific locations as required by the certified fire inspector. Fire extinguishers shall be inspected as required by the fire inspector and documentation maintained.

(G) No residential facility shall allow candles to be burned in sleeping areas.

(H) Free-standing wood-burning stoves and unvented kerosene, gas or oil heaters shall not be used in a residential facility.

(I) Portable heaters may be used, if the heater has been approved by the underwriter’s laboratory, and are not prohibited by any local or state ordinances or fire inspector.

Effective: 12/01/2010

To schedule a home fire safety inspection for foster care, please call us at (419) 253-2222 and leave a message with your name, phone number and address.

Public Education

The most significant part of a Fire Safety Inspector's job is the public education programs. The Fire Safety Inspectors coordinate all fire related public education programs for schools, civic groups and businesses. Most of these programs are taught by our Fire Safety Inspectors in conjunctions with Firefighters.

Please call our Fire Safety Inspectors at (419) 253-2222  to schedule tours of the Fire Stations, Public Education Events for Children, Birthday Parties, Block Parties, Subdivision Parade Participation, Local Festivals, Community Service Workers, and Adult Fire Prevention Education Classes at your Business Location.

Keep in mind we are all volunteer and the station is not manned 24 hours a day. Please leave a detailed message so we can respond quickly.


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